Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mystic River


Lisa said...

Hi Dave!!

It's been awhile! It seems like ages!
How have you been?
You have quite improved (if I'm in the position to say it)!!
Your new pictures are amazing!
Especially this here! :)

Dave said...

Hi Lisa,

Nice to hear from you again, and as always, I love the great comments you always leave ;-)

I was busy and not really in the mood to take photos in the past couple of month but my energy is back up!
How have you been yourself? Busy I guess?

Take care,

Lisa said...

I have missed being active here and seeing new posts from you!

Hope that we both get off the couch more often and that we'll make more photos.

Lisa said...

HEH?? Half of my comment ist gone!! Only the beginning and the end are there! Strange!

I had asked if you had heard of Deviantart and that I would be happy if you would give me a link if you have one! :)

Dave said...

I have heard of DeviantArt before but never setup an account. I looked at it and it was good to see all the pictures you posted again. I'll setup an account for myself and give you the link when it's ready.

Take care and take more photos!

Dave said...

Et voila! I created an acoount. There's only one picture uploaded but I'll try to find the time tomorrow to add more.

Talk to you!