Monday, September 8, 2008

Cabaret nights

Only passing by...


little butterfly said...

Wow, moulin rouge! =)
This is a really nice shot!
It's interesting for me to see your shots because we have so different styles.
If I would have been there and have taken a shot, it would look different. Your pictures are all so clear, the colours so vibrant. So good! =)

little butterfly said...

Ps: And by the way. It doesn't matter if you can't read what I write. It has no reference to the pictures anyway! ;-)

Dave said...

Thank you! Indeed it's better to look at the photos of someone who's got a different style, it inspires to try something different. I hope to spend a bit more time making photos and maybe to start a photography course... I just need to make the time for it. But first I need to change job!!!
Any more of your photos to share?